Why sex & succes is important for men?

So here is a subject kind of interesting don't you think?  What is it about success and sex that drive men crazy? Why do they all love success and obviously sex? Well, here is a couple of things to remember, men are made for competition, men are made to conquer and control everything around them. That is how it work with most of them.

So success mean few things for a man, first it shows that he has own his position which mean he deserves it.



Tips on how to get over your ex

Let’s face it break ups are not easy to swallow nobody wants to be rejected, no one wants to feel left over, it just doesn’t feel right specially for our ego. The truth of the matter it’s the fact that break ups do happen and we must find the right way to get ourselves over them. We must learn to let go.

Many blogs and magazines explain the different ways in which to get ourselves through a painful break up but words do come easier than action especially when the heart is involve. We all know the basic things we need to do in order to move on from our “ex” boyfriend/girlfriend such as refraining for calling them, texting them or seeing them just to mention a few. All of these suggestions are right but again painful to digest.



5 things a man needs from his woman.

I have been in a relationship for 13 years and in the process we have gone through a lot. I had to learn in the years together, what was important for my partner and how to be there for him in the way he needs. We had a lot of arguments but we always worked things out. There were many times I tried to leave him, thinking that maybe I could get a better guy or maybe he wasn't that special after all. I am  happy to say that he is still in my life, he is like a rock in the relationship, he gives me a lot of support and he can also be my worst enemy at times.



Do men know how to relate?

Here is one of the biggest questions of all - Do men even know how to relate? The answer to this question could easily go in more than one direction.  It's important to keep in mind that when it comes to romance and relatioships men and women relate in different ways, because they are wired to be different.

For a man to 'relate' to his lover, he needs to share some activities with her.  This is the way a man relates to you because that is how they relate to themselves. On the other hand, women are looking for another way of relating.