5 things a man needs from his woman

I have been in a relationship for 13 years and in the process we have gone through a lot. I had to learn in the years together, what was important for my partner and how to be there for him in the way he needs. We had a lot of arguments but we always worked things out. There were many times I tried to leave him, thinking that maybe I could get a better guy or maybe he wasn't that special after all. I am  happy to say that he is still in my life, he is like a rock in the relationship, he gives me a lot of support and he can also be my worst enemy at times. I take the good and bad and I thank him for all he has taught me, for all he keeps teaching me with just his presence. Because of him and the many men I have worked very closed with in the past 20 years, I have come up with a short list of the 5 major things men in general really need from their women.

I hope you find them of interest and can apply them in your relationship to create a better team.

Here is what most men need from their women

1. They need you not to be a doormat.
Don't subordinate yourself to him just to make him happy, he will see your behavior as emotionally dependent on him to reciprocate back. He will feel pressure and will not open up to you.

2. They don't deal well with demands.
When a man hears a demand, he hears you being emotional and out of control. He just wants to run from you. You will only get the worst of him in those moments.

3. They will not accept your bossiness.
Men in general don't deal well with orders, they see it as if you are trying to take advantage of them or as if you are trying to break them down. It is definitely not the best approach if you want to keep him around.

4. They need some moments of privacy.
Men need a partner who can let them be moody when they need it, complain when they feel like it and have privacy when he wants it, without having their partner making it about themselves. A woman who can understand his emotional needs without seeing his struggle as a rejection of her, will have him eating out of her hands.

5. They want you to be mysterious and elusive.
A man will go the extra mile for a woman who is emotionally independent but also giving when needed. Men are intrigued by mysterious women, a woman who they don't really know everything about or they are not quite sure how will she react at times.

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