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This is the handbook everyone has been waiting for! Finally, a how-to that will insure success in your dating life. Follow this advice, and you will discover what true love is "

A Jungian/ Relationship Specialist and Spiritual Counselor. Elena Burnett will help you understand and deal with the masculine part of a woman and the feminine part of a man when dating.

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Relationship Specialist/ Spiritual Counserlor.
- A Cognitive Behavior Therapy Coach,  Relationship Specialist.
- Certified as a Transaction Analysis.
- Certified as an Educator in Communication Strategies.
- Certified as an Androgynous Semantic Realignment Coach.
- Bachelor in Metaphysical Healing Art.
- 13 Years of Aikido Training.
- 20 Years of Research on Men Development!
- Dating Author
- Clairvoyance
- Tarot Reader
- Face Analysis Specialist
- Palmistry Reader
- Numerologist
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